A VPN is a security service that reconfigures the connection to the Internet, making it appear as if the user is connected to a protected personal network. The reliability of a virtual private network is very important; therefore, you should not neglect to choose a VPN. Below are a few services that handle their tasks perfectly.

TOP Best Well-Known VPN Services

  1. Free VPN Tunnelblick. To access the internet, just register on the service’s website and install the app. One major benefit is that no further tweaks are necessary. It is fast and simple. In addition, there are 20 countries that can be used for connection. One Tunnelblick account can be connected to up to five devices. The only downside is the amount of free traffic provided. Only 500 MB for 30 days.
  2. Speedify. There are several features of the service that will be highly appreciated by many users:
  • The fastest internet connection;
  • Ability to increase the speed on its own if the connection fails;
  • Access to 30 servers.

The free cloud VPN for Windows can only be used on one device and has a monthly traffic limit of 2GB that cannot be increased.

  1. Cloudflare WARP. This service will probably be familiar to many people, as it was released by DNS provider Cloudflare. The great advantage is that there are no restrictions on traffic or connection speeds. The internet will not freeze or crash even when viewing online video in 4K resolution. The subscriber’s connection will be strong while they browse the web and check their emails in addition to watching videos. The service bypasses absolutely any kind of blocking effortlessly. It cannot offer complete anonymity, but it can provide privacy.

Among other things, the VPN automatically selects the most suitable server leaving the user with no hassle at all. Although a lot of people might not like this, there is nothing you can do because you cannot choose the location.

  1. Browsec. Pros:
  • No traffic limit;
  • Browser extension;
  • Automatic activation function for certain sites.

There are, naturally, some disadvantages. The list of available servers has been cut down to a maximum of 4. The connection speed is 20 Mbit/s. To increase the speed, you need to buy the premium version and then the speed will be up to 100Mbps. However, it’s a great free VPN for Windows 7 and others.

Internet security is a critical issue in the modern world, and VPN services have a way of solving it. We’ve broken down four popular VPN services for Windows: TunnelBear, Speedify, Cloudflare WARP, and Browsec. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, to be chosen according to the needs and requirements of the user. For example, TunnelBear and Speedify limit the amount of free traffic, while Cloudflare WARP has no such restrictions. Browsec offers a limited list of free VPN servers for Windows, but it can be handy to use in a browser. Regardless of the choice, the reliability of the VPN service and its ability to ensure the security and privacy of user data should be a top priority.